Art brings personality and passion into living spaces. Plants bring health and relaxation to those around them. Luha believes in the perfect marriage between unique pots and luscious plants creating a one of a kind piece of art radiating mental and physical wellness.

Luha cares deeply for her plants. She works hard to raise hardy healthy plants that she can confidently send out into the world and know they will grow and prosper effortlessly in their new homes.

Her love for plants, steams from her love for the Earth. Luha believes strongly in up cycling. Reducing waste by using what is already available saves the Earth and energy but also results in one of a kind works of art, Luha takes pride in making. Luha searches near and far for vintage pots that will be suitable for her beloved plants. She skillfully matches each plant with the unique pot weaving harmony and beauty into each arrangement.

Luha plants art and love indoors while saving the Earth and promoting mental and physical health. Share the passion, share the love.