Indoor Plants For Indoor Design

One of the most enjoyable aspects of having houseplants is the opportunity they provide for doing interior design. A home can be lovely with good furniture, fine tabletop items and beautiful paintings. But adding indoor plants can expand the choices enormously while moving the decoration into a whole new dimension.

Pots come in all sizes, shapes, colors, designs and materials. A simple clay pot can provide a subtle earth color for a subdued design. A bright yellow ceramic can liven up a dark corner. A pattern in plastic, metal or wood can fold right in with the décor of a hallway or sunroom.

If you have lots of bonsai, for example, you may want to continue the oriental theme by providing several pots in red ceramic. If you have a complex of vines, you can go with a simple line carving on the pot to minimize distraction. If you have a flourishing Pitcher Plant or other carnivorous species, you can select something festooned with crocodile drawings to add humor to your design.

You can vary the effect even more by selecting containers of different shapes. Round pots convey solidity, while a long rectangular tray gives a feeling of motion because it encourages the eye to move along its length. Going with an asymmetrical shape shows the iconoclasm of the designer.

The type of flower you select will play into your color scheme. Bright yellows and reds will add lively splashes to an otherwise quiet room. Or, you can continue the soft atmosphere of your favorite reading spot by choosing a deep purple.

Even the size and shape of the flower comes into play when pondering over your interior-decorating plan. Numerous, small, star-shaped blossoms can make for an active looking display. Large, bell-shaped orchids give a bold impression. You can select a species that is just groundcover with small flowers poking up. Or, you can go for a single blossom on a long green stalk to make a living sculpture.

The number and placement of plants is also a factor in the overall design.

A medium-sized room that has a dozen or more small pots placed at different levels gives a feeling of space in three dimensions. A single, larger plant in one corner draws the eye to that spot. A hanging basket draped from the ceiling has a different effect from a large pot pushing up from the floor.

By varying all the possible attributes - color, shape, place, size and so forth - you can tailor your indoor gardening efforts to the total design of your living space. Doing so combines the artificial, decorative elements that make for a personal touch with the living benefits of plants.