How We Created your Potted Plants

Are you curious on getting your potted plants created with no hassle? Let’s consider an actual plan on how you can go about that. Our utmost priority is not restricted to creating potted plants with good quality. But also give an in-depth technical know-how on making a unique one with less stress. It’s true that there are diverse steps to be considered while creating a potted plant, but one still has to place the first things, first; the second, second; and the last in its due place. It’s called priority.

What are better ways to create your potted plants? Pretty sure you’d like to know, won’t you? If yes, let’s roll on a PCM flight. HuH! Thinking of airlines already? PshhH! gat you! Turn your mind back to this pen work flow. PCM is an acronym for the diligent steps in making catchy and durable potted plants.

P-Proper implantation.

C-Choice of planter.



Proper implantation

Just as the art of science depends on chemistry, so the art of potting plants depends on proper implantation at their early stage of growth. Every plant needs the proper soil, water, light, and fertilizer. Here in our garden we place the first thing; first, by offering you fertile soil for virtually all species of plants as well as for soil mix. We implant the roots of your plant in our nutrient filled soil for proper growth. Under a controlled and hazard free environment, we take extreme measures in the choice of plants to make their management hassle free throughout their lifecycle. We don’t just grow your plants, our package includes a free consultation on your choice of plants, shedding more light on their aesthetic and environmental benefits.


Our garden

Choice of planter

Placing the second thing; second, purchase planters that match most tastes. With just a glance your plant should be glowing, catchy and noticeable, achieving that is very simple! This is where a good choice of planter came in to the picture, we place our focus both on plants survival as well as it aesthetic purpose. Our choice of planter is flexible and straight, it’s simple as larger potted plants need larger planter and small ones also needs smaller planter.


Therefore, the bigger the pot, the more room is available for roots, so the better your plants will perform. All we ask you as a prospective client is just specifications, we make modern, catchy, and advance planters the best home for your plants. How do we go about this? We have diverse types of planters that will match all the tastes. We run a single product with each varieties in the inventory, with this, we make your potted plant customized for only you without any mutual match. With a good choice of planter we make your plants a center of look for all visitors even at first glance.



Another simple but vital step is matching, being the final step makes it highly important.

Since uniqueness is another major goal, we make use of one kind of plant per pot. For matching purpose where we decide to combine multiple plants, we strive at bringing out the best matches by ensuring compatibility between both plants. For example plants that like the same light and moisture conditions should go together.

In addition to its aesthetic purpose, we match each plant with its most suitable planter, as earlier stated this step is indeed very vital as it tends to have to say on it finish look of the potted plant.

With strict adhesion to PCM, providing you an incomparable design that would hopefully match your expectations with less hassle is indeed possible and achievable.

Different species of plant

Different species of plant