Five Most Recommended Places for your Houseplants

You neither need much effort nor money to add a charming touch to your house; the indoor plants is an affordable and simple way to decorate your house and give it a distinctive appearance. One of the clues to keeping your houseplant happy is in the placement of those plants within your home. You need to put each houseplant in its most proper place to live longer. In fact, there are two types of potted plants, each of them requires a different environment; one needs a sunny place and the other needs a shadowy one. Also, the spaces in your house are what determine how to place the pots to create a perfect decoration that would bring out the beauty of your place.

Since we do not only care for selling our product but also to help you use it properly, here we give you our recommendations for the five best places in your house to position your new potted plants.

Corner First, you can place your potted plants in the corners of the house reception and on the entry table. It will provide a warm atmosphere to your guests and will definitely catch their eyes and make them feel comfortable and relieved. Another remarkable corner where you can place a large pot is the stairwell corner.




The second recommended place is your office room. It is preferable to put some small pots behind your desk and you can also decorate the corners of your office with a small potted plant or place it above one of the empty library’s shelves.




Thirdly, one of the best areas in your house to place your houseplants is the balcony since the plants will be exposed to sun light and air most of the time, the thing that will give them a better chance to live longer.



Corner As for the fourth place we recommend, the kitchen, it is better to choose empty corners to place small pots. You can also decorate one of the kitchen’s corners with some special rocks forming a circle and then place some cactus plant, for instance, in its center. In addition, hanging plants will definitely fit into your kitchen and your balcony as well and will give them a cute appearance.



Fifthly, you can also put some specific plants that require less sun light and more moisture in your bathroom. So as you can see, you need to know the requirements of each of your plants that differ from one to another for their healthy growing.


Just because that plant will fit in with the décor of a certain area of the house, does not mean it is best for your houseplant. For example, the plants that are used to decorate the balcony may not be suitable in other places like the living room, the reception or the kitchen. On the other hand, Plants with large, thick, fleshy leaves will tend to do well in the shade for the most part. You also need to be careful of placing your potted plant near a heated source as it might produce a dry atmosphere for most of the houseplants. Moreover, being aware of the benefits and use of each and every plant will help you to know the best place for each one. The Aloe Vera plant, for instance, helps purify the air, which can be helpful for rooms that are subject to a variety of smells, such as the living room, bathroom, or kitchen. So, you need to figure out where to place your plants putting in consideration all what was mentioned above and enjoy the nice display of your plants and your fascinating house.